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Bed Bug Service

Why choose Bed Bug Pros of Florida for your bed bug service?

It is a fact that no one is safe from pesky bedbugs. As a matter of fact, you can come into contact with these small insects at any time. Not only are you not totally safe from bed bugs, but you are always going to be at risk of carrying them home with you. Once your home is overtaken with these small insects, it is virtually impossible to get rid of them on your own.

Here at Bed Bug Pros of Florida, we offer an extensive offering of services from detection to eradication. 

We Offer The Following Bed Bug Services

Bed Bug Dog Inspections

Highly trained canine with years of proven experience and with a 98% accuracy rate.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Most effective one and done bed bug service solution to get rid of your problem.

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Sometimes, a hydrid option is used in order to treat a particular bed bug problem.

Once you have come to the conclusion that your home or business is infested, you will want to hire a one and done bed bug service. Well, it will most likely not be difficult to find where they are hiding, because if your home or business is infested, then they will likely be hiding everywhere. Start by checking around your mattress, bed linen, head/foot boards, drapes, chairs and sofas. While, you may not find the live bedbug, you will probably find signs that they have been there at one time or another. Dark black spots will definitely be the first thing that you will spot. This could be dead bed bug carcasses or feces, not their place of breeding.

Florida Bed Bug Pros has earned a reputation for being the go to company for bed bug services. Our services come with an iron clad 100% satisfaction guarantee. We, also, offer extended warranties, so please inquire.

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